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最新公告 Announcements
2018 Fall Semester, Master Admission for Recommended Students, Second Round Announcement
Industry-University Cooperative Talent Cultivation Program
2018 Master/PhD Degree Admission Guidelines
2017 Transfer Admission Guidelines
News! Student from QF department started her own business!
October 19th, 2017. Professor T. Yang (IFE Group chairman and CEO)
Welcome to the new professor of this semester
Congratulations to prof. Shin-Huei Wang get selected as the mentor of America Econometric Association.
Congratulations to prof. Jow-Ran Chang pass the promotion to full professor
Fintech Speech: Fintech Apply & Security
2017 International Conference on
Challenge and Perspective on Data Analysis
Congratulation to Prof. Shin-Huei Wang
May 23rd, 2017. "Tsing Hua Leaping Twenty" Series of Activities